Men's 2s
Sun 08 Oct 2023
Tornados Hockey Club
Men's 2s
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Tannibellies rubbed up the wrong way

Tannibellies rubbed up the wrong way

William Woolsey-Brown9 Oct 2023 - 02:39
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By Paddy Fyson

In the wise words of Chris… ‘3 cards, 4 goals, 3 flicks, 2 great saves’… and (spoiler alert) a job well done in the end. Also this feels harsh on Ollie.. probably more than 2 saves…

Cards were Clint (not sure why), Paul (hitting ball away but the umpires actually were fair on this rule), Lorenzo (again no idea why, probably a bad tackle?). Can’t list the opposition cards but somehow a lot of greens and no yellows… anyway, on to the main event.

A rousing team talk from a particularly passionate (loud) WWB and we were on our way, apart from Ollie who was still finishing padding up after some Google Maps issues. The question is, how many Tornados do you need giving directions in one car to get to Sengkang before warm up? Hint – the answer isn’t 4.

We started incredibly well, in fact Dr Kieran scored a lovely reverse strike into the bottom left corner pretty much before Tannibelllies had completed a pass. 1-0 ‘nados. Impressive given he turned up late, without kit.

Then some average play from a follically-challenged forward (soon to be midfielder again) who missed a great chance to put us 2 up in 10 or so minutes. ‘Nados playing some lovely hockey when we weren’t (quote Harry) ‘being reactive’.

Start of 2nd quarter was same as the first, some scrambling in the D saw a WWB shot saved from close quarters and Toby nutmegged the keeper to put us 2-0 up. React to that.

Unfortunately, they did. Tannibellies scored a short corner, looked like a deflection but it went in under an outstretched Ollie. However, a going-the-wrong-way-but-still-managed-a-stick save event later (wish there was a video of this and not the flicks/injury) and everyone remembered we needed to concentrate and play our own game to win.

Can’t remember anything else that went on in the 2nd quarter. Half time we were 2-1 up.

3rd quarter I also can’t remember what happened… and neither can Ollie as he took a ball to the back of his head after temporarily misplacing his helmet. Note – MOM awarded for the heroic efforts throughout the match. Maybe the most popular MOM voting result ever? Deserved.

It all got a bit feisty in the last quarter. Some short man syndrome, some average tackles, and lots of comments from the ‘Nados bench trying to wind up their defence… which seemed to work? Ferg really twisting the (verbal not literal… this is Singapore after all) knife into the back of their defenders after his pacey 1st quarter sprint (and subsequent rest).

We managed to get 3 flicks for a variety of reasons. Mainly a 'skill issue' pointed out nicely by Mr Couston to their defence after the 3rd was awarded. Can't believe they didn't like that comment.

Flicks were taken by Ming (scored), the author (scored) and the author again (decided to miss to keep the game close). Luckily no video evidence exists.

Final whistle went without any further drama… it finished 4-1 ‘nados…. 2nd in League confirmed.

It was all too much for Lorenzo who deposited his curry back into the Singapore public drainage system via the grate behind the dugout. Personally I prefer to shake hands with the umpires and move on with my life, but each to their own.

One to go – a miracle Dutch win and we have a chance at the league. WWB already on colour scheme… but do the rest of us have to learn the Dutch national anthem this week?

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