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Tornados Shine at SCC 6s Tournament

Tornados Shine at SCC 6s Tournament

Kaitlin Morgan7 Mar - 07:22
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March 2024 Recap

Tornados Hockey Club proudly showcased its prowess at the SCC 6s Tournament in March 2024, leaving an indelible mark on the competition. The spirited participation of our ladies' team resulted in a well-deserved triumph in the bowl tournament, while our men's teams displayed remarkable skill, narrowly missing the semifinals of the plate.

Saturday Highlights:
The tournament kicked off with an exhilarating Saturday, featuring each team playing five intense games. Post the grueling matches, our dedicated players embraced recovery with ice baths at Level Up in the Ministry of Fitness Athlete Zone. Adding a touch of whimsy, the evening took a playful turn as our athletes transformed into Mario Kart characters for a lively dinner and dance.

Sunday Triumphs:
Sunday witnessed the Tornados ladies' team advancing triumphantly through the quarter and semi-finals, securing their spot in the final. A stellar 1-0 victory in the final clinched the bowl tournament title. On the men's side, despite a hard-fought journey, they faced a tough 1-0 loss in the quarterfinals. Nevertheless, the weekend showcased the tenacity and sportsmanship that define Tornados Hockey Club.

The SCC 6s Tournament was more than a display of skill; it was a celebration of team spirit and sportsmanship. Tornados' success on the field and the spirits shared off the field truly encapsulated the spirit of our dynamic and talented hockey community. We look forward to continued triumphs and memorable moments in future competitions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Tornados Hockey Club!

Yours Truly Roger Rhino

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